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V2 Application Idea

Bring your ideas to the table. What will the V2 update allow you to do? We invite everybody to participate in the V2 Application Idea Contest.


ARK Core V2 will take ARK to the next level and will be the foundation for many applications to be built on top of it. We think that an ecosystem thrives by its usage and therefore invite all of you to send us your ideas of applications we can build on top of ARK Core V2. Think outside the box, think about the Internet of Things, think about Social Networks and most of all think about anything we didn't think about yet!

Our judges, all winners of Ark Development Bounties, will select the best 3 ideas to be rewarded with generous amounts of ARK and we will build your applications!

  • 1st place: 50% of the contributed ARK
  • 2nd place: 30% of the contributed ARK
  • 3rd place: 20% of the contributed ARK

We also randomly select one of the participants to win an artwork from The Golden Horde!


#1 / Jonathan Deneault on 2018-12-4, 18:37

Stream Radio! A platform that will allow people to do radio. Listeners can tip their favorite channels, and channels can earn some cryptocurrency with advertising, be visual or audio, while limiting the ads, question of not having channels of ads. This may allow those who wish to share their audio creations without having gone through record companies or others. Some may as well have a channel like "normal" radio stations.

#2 / ZsoltP on 2018-12-4, 19:56

Auction platform.

Instead of a simple marketplace this would only show one item for 1 hours. People can will always check it because you don't know what will be the next item.

Delegates of the chain should verify the auctions. If some seller disregards the rules they can ban him for a specified time.

Sellers and buyers should vote for delegates because. The seller can list it's item and the buyer can buy it. By time there will be different delegates like a steam key auction house or a jewelry auctioner, etc.

Buyers and sellers would need to keep higher amount of coins in their wallet to see and list higher valued items.

Sorry for my English. :)

#3 / ___airwick___ on 2018-12-4, 20:07

Blockchain based collectible card game (similar to Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone etc...)

Collectible card games are immensely popular today, and they are making the switch from traditional paper cards to digital video game style. The digital counterparts rarely have a trading feature or a singles buy/sell/trade feature.

Making a CCG on blockchain will have the following benefits: 1) Paper cards are limited to how many the company has printed. Digital formats have no tangible means of controlling a cards rarity or "specialness." Blockchain will enable developers to show many cards have been created, and limit the future printings.

2) a built in market for buying/selling or trading cards. Ark's built in interoperability will allow someone to buy Ark simply through the Ark wallet via changelly, then transfer to the card game for purchasing.

3) Content developers will be able to sell booster packs of their cards via Ark

#4 / MrT1ddl3s_II on 2018-12-4, 20:48

Delegate Loyalty Tokens

Delegates could create their own Loyalty Token side chains and distribute them to voters based on how long the voter has been with the delegate and how many Ark they are voting with. Loyalty Tokens could also be generated by those willing to set up nodes and become Loyalty Token Delegates.

The delegate could then offer rewards for Loyalty Tokens as they see fit: ARK Merch, % payout increases, etc.

#5 / MrT1ddl3s_II on 2018-12-4, 20:49


An exact ripoff of CryptoKitties, but with cute little cartoon sharks.

#6 / Dead4586 [@Dead] on 2018-12-4, 20:51

I think a loan and gambling app will go a long way at shouldn’t be to hard to build. Gambling app can be a simple black jack game and the loan similar to maker/doa project.

Also the gambling app can have a smart contract or something similar to pay out everyone who bought into that side chain and also allow for voting in such.

#7 / Productivity App [@luismm] on 2018-12-4, 21:37

A productivity app similar to "Forest" (You set a timer to keep focus in a given task and get virtual rewards)

In this case, we can bet against our friends with ARK to make it more exciting.

For example you can bet 2 Arks that tomorrow you will achieve at least 200 min. of focus. If you achieve it, you keep your ARKs, if you lose, those ARKs are transferred to the leader in your friends leaderboard.

#8 / Azure-Infinity [@Azure-Infinity] on 2018-12-4, 22:35

ARK Portal (code name)

A web-application connected to the ARK blockchain. Where ARK connects blockchains, ARK Portal connects ARK users. Users can register and login using an “ARK Identity”. This is basically an username connected to a new wallet with avatars like the V2 wallet. Users will be able to login using their username but obviously will never use their passphrase. Each account basically functions like a Reddit account with the connection to ArkTippr. There will be users with additional rights. Besides administrators and moderators there will also be verified delegates. One of the goals would be to get people with different skill sets together and do bounties.


  • Main page shows a “timeline” where verified delegates can post updates regarding their proposals or payout changes. Users can comment or ask questions. There will be announcements, contests and bounties posted as well.
  • Users have a simple personal page where they can describe who they are or what they do.
  • Verified delegates can host contests or raffles, where the prize ARK will be going to the ARK users.
  • Users can create polls about ARK related subjects and anyone can vote.
  • Users can tip others just like ArkTippr.
  • If possible there will be an ARK Explorer but this only shows ARK Portal related transactions.
  • A faucet where only registered users can participate in.

#9 / Tdub [@Tdub] on 2018-12-5, 06:21

An application that allows you to virtually customize your car, bike, skateboard, or scooter online with colors, letters, or a theme. You can then send the file that contains the pattern to a paint shop where it's imported and printed via dip, wrap, or special printer. Since it's stored on the block chain, the artwork belongs to the creator, who can sell the unique designs.

#10 / SuperCool [@SuperCool] on 2018-12-5, 13:10

Online registration/login by wallet association.

A tool that allows user to store and sign encrypted basic user information with their ark wallet and use this information to sing-up to website/online tools. similar to social login tools provided by google/facebook/linkedin.

Registration steps:

  1. User adds details (name, email, etc...) to the tool
  2. User encrypts the details with a password
  3. Tool gives user an encrypted message, hash or better option I don't know of
  4. User signs the encrypted message, hash or better option I don't know of with his/her Ark wallet

Login steps:

  1. User visits websites or online tool that allows login by Ark
  2. Tool ask for wallet address to load the encrypted message
  3. User decrypts message with the password
  4. User is logged in to the website or tool with a newly created account based on the details provided in the ark wallet

#11 / Azure-Infinity [@Azure-Infinity] on 2018-12-5, 13:23


Essentially an alternative of ARK Explorer but in addition it will show all transactions of projects built on top of the ARK ecosystem. The main area will show live transactions. Visitors can also use tabs on the side to quickly switch to other projects to easily see all live transactions of that chain. If possible, a neat feature would be to have a slider or buttons to set the display speed of the transactions, because them all popping up on your screen might not be pleasing to watch. Besides this there will also be a smaller area where all top delegates with their info will be shown on the side. There will also be a search bar so a transaction, block or delegate can be quickly found. A benefit is that visitors can easily look up a specific delegate to find out which other chains this delegate is forging for. To top it all off there will be an area where certain stats of all chains combined will be displayed (think of total number of currently forging delegates, total amount of active chains, etc.

In a nutshell ARK Hub should provide visitors with live updates of transactions of the whole ARK ecosystem including side chains and projects running on ARK. It should be simple to use, easy for the eyes and fun for the visitor to interact with.

#12 / Maison [@Maison] on 2018-12-5, 16:53

Ark live-support (button in wallets):

Email, reddit, twitter and slack are media to request help when in need, however the response time could be rather slow and the help quite distant. I suggest a button integration of a community based live support integration in the Ark Client.

How would this work? Members of the community can register themselves for providing help when requested. They won't need to have Ark Client opened all the time, they can receive push notifications on whatever media selected. Then we could implement two systems of queues: either first come first serves or algorithm based of past performance(best helper available). The chat window will be opened on an external page and securing anonymity.

Why would anyone join? Because we are all good hearted... Here comes an already existing project in play, Arktippr! After each session the user who requested help can either thumb up or thumb down the helper. In case of thumb down: popup to ask to end live support or new helper (next in line) In case of thumb up: popup to ask whether the user would so be friendly to tip the helper (deciding themselves how much but with a minimum)

In case of thumbs up yet no tip? These cases can be reviewed by ACF (or certain moderator) and deemed whether tip-worthy or not. Of course the amount would be not as much as hoped but one's efforts would not be in vain. By reviewing the legitimacy instead of automatically tipping through ACF funding you can prevent people who try to 'spam' or 'fake' to requests in order to scam ark coins.

What if an user (i.e. new user) wants to tip but has no Ark? Give the option to tip later, if no tip after X amount of time then send to ACF like the previous type of cases.

Summarized, how would it look like? Just a support-button in the Ark wallet that redirects/opens an external page where further help can be given. Registered members receive push notifications in order to provide support in a fairly quick way, incentivized by ArkTippr or ACF funded tips. With certain measures taken to avoid abuse or scams.

#13 / Roland on 2018-12-5, 19:32

A ticketing app build on top of ark. There are ticketing apps in other blockchains, but Ark could create a good one.

Basically the idea is that the artist, the event, the concert team, all of them have to go through a middleman ticketing service, which sell the tickets for them.. Likewise attendees can only purchase tickets via these services, which takes a percentage of the revenue as their commission, charged from the price the attendees paid.

There are possibilities that these services can hike the prices, if they have a monopoly of this service in the area. Another issue, that blockchain is critically useful for solving, is ticket fraud - it’s easy to duplicate tickets. Last but not least many online sellers websites have suffered crashes, due to the high volume of online traffic, for example during the sales of tickets before the last Rock in Rio.

A Ticketing DApp would solve these problems, event holders being able to sell their tickets to the crowds using the DApp would escape the high commissions. Ticket buyers buy tickets through the DApp with ease and convenience. Once tickets are bought, the ownership of these tickets would be transferred to the buyer. This provides legitimacy of ticket ownership and prevents ticketing fraud as well.

#14 / Timo on 2018-12-5, 21:36

SpArk aims to create a friendly community for (Sports)fans worldwide. It is an app in which users can create their own pools for (sport) events like for example the FIFA world cup, Grand slams (tennis), The Olympic games etc. Users can join their preferred pool by paying the entry fee (Ark or own Token) and at the end of the event winning users will be paid automatically. Results/Points after each round or match will be written to the blockchain offering complete transparency to players.

Normally sports pools are created at work between employees or with friends and family because someone (trusted party) has to do all the hard work (create, manage the pool and payout winners). By creating an app all the user has to do is register and setup his event, and the rest will be done by the app. This way there is no need for a trusted party allowing anybody from anywhere in the world to join the pool without being hesitant of the trustworthiness of the pool owner.

#15 / Bellaian [@bellaian] on 2018-12-6, 05:42

I use the ARK mobile application. interested in the contact features that are available.

I hope there is an advanced feature for sending encrypted multimedia messages between contacts by having a small ARK fee. like SMS and MMS in ancient times. and the recipient of the message will get a portion of the ARK fees paid by the sender.

This messaging feature can facilitate ARK users in their communication without the need to move using other applications. Also, the recipient of the message will not feel too disturbed because there is a small gift that accompanies the message.

The contact feature is currently only available in the name and address of the wallet. expect this contact menu to be added to the details of other useful information such as cell phone numbers and can be automatically synchronized with cellular contacts. in the future it can also be synchronized automatically with other social application contacts, such as: Whatsapp, Line, Wechat etc. so that the current status they install on other social media applications can be viewed directly through ARK Mobile.

Next is the addition of group features and cloud file storage. ARK users who are interested in managing groups and storing cloud files are charged a number of ARKs and will get several GB of space. (ARK fees are charged annually) This is to prevent waste groups and waste the bandwidth of the server node assets in vain.

#16 / rove [@rove] on 2018-12-6, 06:02

Group lending/saving program

Mechanics: 1. Group of community members sends weekly contribution in fixed usd paid in ark to a pool for a number of weeks(depends on the number of members) 2. Once all the members paid its weekly due, the pool will be send to the members assigned for the week to received the pool. 3. Every week will be a new member to received the pool. 4. The program will stop after a couple of weeks after all the members of the community received their share of weekly pool.

#17 / yahtzee_NL on 2018-12-6, 07:26

Marketplace: goods and services.

The title says it all. The focus should be on services I think, like a gig economy with Ark as the main currency. However, being able to exchange goods such as electronics for Ark is a nice side objective. Evidently, the concept is quite simple. People can offer goods and services (i.e. programming or editing), either for a fixed price, or they can allow other to bid on it and accept the highest bid if they deem it sufficient. On the other hand, it should also be possible to request services (and perhaps goods). For example, if you would like to have a programming job outsourced, you can post a description on the platform and allow people to bid on it. Of course in this case you can accept the lowest bid, if it meets your criteria.

In summary, this platform would offer an interface between people that would either like to obtain items or services while using Ark as payment, or people that are looking for another way to earn some more Ark. In my opinion, this would be a great new use case for Ark!

#18 / Moe B [@MoeB_812] on 2018-12-7, 16:32

ARK Tipping Chrome Extension

With the launch of ARK V2, we can greatly utilize it's plug-and-play plugin functionality by integrating it with other tools. I'd like to propose an extension to ArkTippr. ArkTippr allows you to add funds and tip users on Reddit. What if we could expand on that and allow users to tip on any site?

My proposal is to develop a chrome extension and an ARK plugin. For every user that generates online content and would like to accept tips through ARK, they can register their 'account' (website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in the chrome extension. Anytime other users visit their content pages, the chrome extension will automatically display the content creator's account and is ready to accept tips. The extension will behave like this:

Content Creators

  • Register an account with the link to your content page.

Content Viewers

  • Download the ARK chrome extension.
  • Navigate content pages that have accounts set up with the ARK chrome extension.
  • If the content page is registered, the content creator's account will show up in the extension.
  • Content viewer can now send funds to that content creator using the creator's information in the chrome extension

An ARK plugin can be created so that this can be integrated with the ARK desktop wallet. With this, you can tip through ARK wallet or maybe set up reoccurring transactions to their favorite content creators. I don't have enough knowledge to know all of the limitations of chrome extensions interacting with a blockchain. I'm sure signing transactions will be an issue (maybe for now the user will have to manually execute the transaction through the desktop wallet). This is a concept, so implementation details will have to be carefully thought out.


#19 / rove [@rove] on 2018-12-8, 20:14

Marketing company

  1. Register a delegate name, for goods or services, such as drugs, money, cash, loan, or country.

  2. Sends promo, announcement, coupon other marketing materials in the vendor field, to vendor field, smartbfidge to tokenholders.

  3. Get partnership with drugstore, restaurants, fastfoods, remittance co, banks, lending.

  4. Get commission for every transmitted messages.

#20 / vul [@spghtz] on 2018-12-9, 00:41

A MetaMask for Ark.

#21 / yahtzee_NL on 2018-12-10, 08:58

Wallet upgrade: enhanced and convenient in-app voting

I believe the Ark wallet offers a combination of comprehensive functionality, great GUI design and fast operation. It's one of the best experiences using a crypto wallet; seamless and intuitive.

Nevertheless, I do have one suggestion for improving the wallet even further. I'd like to see a tab within the wallet that provides an overview of all the (active) delegates. Preferably a list that can be sorted alphabetically, by ranking of total stake and perhaps even by calculated rewards for your wallet holdings. A small overview of the perks and features per delegate would be a nice addition and perhaps the delegates could even briefly introduce themselves. All of this doesn't necessarily need to be within the app itself; part of it could be complemented with links. The user should then be able to cast a well-educated vote, conveniently and right from the app's list.

#22 / Twerking G [@TwerkingGorilla] on 2018-12-10, 20:17

A two-scaled idea for promoting quality digital (media) content and opinions.

  • Quickly deployable product: Valued opinion plug-in (combination of Ark Pay and Ark Tippr)
  • Large scale product: content (news, research, blogs, etc.) aggregating platform, supported by ARK.

Current problems:

  • Undervalued journalism
  • Fake news
  • Trolls


  • Content creators paid directly by consumers.
  • The opinion of consumers is a valuation. Thus, the opinion should become more honest and trustworthy.

Quickly deployable product:

A plugin for blog/news/whatever content sites, that sends Ark for a like or dislike. If someone clicks thumbs up for an item, the creator will receive Ark (minor, fixed amount, or fiat fixed equivalent amount). For a thumbs down, the Ark will be sent to a pool, that will benefit competing creators on that platform (thus incentivizing the production for better content by competitors). To incentivize the platform hosting the content to implement the plug-in (besides of the increased trust in content and opinions of it, and thus in the platform as well), in a similar way the platform itself can be valued by users: per star awarded, you receive Ark. A 5-star rating becomes much more valuable, and trustworthy. Smartbridge text field could be used for textual feedback from the consumers of content. With ACES or Smartbridges, other cryptocurrencies can be utilized for valued opinions as well. Trolls will be less active, quality of content will be improved. Also there will be much more of a community feeling. We all easily share our opinions, especially behind the computer screen. Sharing a literally valuable opinion might bring us closer together through honest feedback and sharing of funds in a more direct manner. Creator and consumer will have a more direct relation.

Large scale product:

A platform, funded by mining rewards, valued by the aforementioned system. The next step would be utilizing IPFS for true decentralized, transparent, un-censorable content. A platform of our own, funded by mining rewards, especially fit for journalism, but applicable to any form of digital content (literature, research, blogging, etc.). Content creators are paid directly for their work by the readers, no percentages going to the platform hosting it (solution for undervalued journalism and the like). However, authors must be much more confident to post their content on a platform that will host it forever. The glory will be forever, but so will the bad content, together with the assessment of the work by the consumers. Previous performance of authors can be traced back, and thus the new content can be put better into perspective. In this way transparency and hopefully trustworthiness will improve. Quality content will be promoted, authors will be paid directly by the consumers, bad actors (be it persons or companies or institutions) will be easy to look up in history so their next content will be transparently less trustworthy.

#23 / vul [@spghtz] on 2018-12-11, 22:48

A port of https://satoshis.place .

#24 / Michael Hunt [@michaelthecryptoguy] on 2018-12-11, 23:38

Hello, This is My ARK V2 Application idea submission. I call this Arkvatar Go!!

What is Arkvatar?

see Arkvatar-Your Crypto Avatar

Crypto-Personalise yourself with Arkvatar, the first ever address linked avatar system in the Crypto Space

Arkvatar Go!!! What is that???

I would like to be apart of creating a mobile stripped-down version of Pokémon Go available on android and iOS. Instead of creating characters from scratch, use characters already developed from Arkvatar.

Whenever a parent wants some free time (In America), the first thing given to a child is a mobile phone or tablet. A fun, free, based game/utility with the ability to earn, spend, or make minimal transactions on the Ark Ecosystem would be phenomenal on ramp to moving nano-payments, or larger sums of ark around the world.

In addition, you could connect a side chain with delegates (allowing kids to connect and produce their own tokens) ultimately producing more market liquidity in the Ark Ecosystem

Integrating a Coin Burning Mechanism (Second Chain)

Enable a CheckLockTimeVerify type of system where if the second chains coins aren’t transacted with within a certain time frame, they are automatically burnt, thus eliminating a “Hodl-er”

Although this would be a rather huge, time consuming, expensive feat to produce. In the end, having ARKVATAR GO in the laps of kids (and adults) across the world would be an unprecedented task accomplished by the Ark Ecosystem!

  • Ability to open up * Ark Go Challenges* to facilitate building blocks (think of legos) to enable full production of Arkvatar Go!
  • A freemium business model that supports in-app purchases for additional in-game add-ons
  • Location Based Augmented Reality promoting local business accepting Ark Pay
  • In-game items can be bought and then traded enabling
cross=chain transactions

#25 / Alex [@Axe] on 2018-12-12, 15:23

The reason because eth whent up so much is because ICO’s, right now there isnt a real demand for ark, its price is based on pure speculation, starting off from this, we can take advantage on the multiple side chains that will be created when push button deployable blockchains is completed, and make it as a requisite for their tokens to be issued, to burn some ark in exchange, at some fixed ratio, for example if you want to create X coin, you can set the ratio to 1:1 with no pre mine, this means that the only way of obtaining this token is to exchange ark for it, but it will only be 1 way, this means you can exchange only ark for X coin but no x coin for ark, limiting the supply of both coins and giving ark more value in its ecosystem its building, you can set the ratio to 1:1 1:2 1:3 and then after one month you can close it making the other coin price independent from ark, this will cause a demand for ark and a forging race for the x coin, as there is no premine whales will exchange huge amounts of ark to have as many x coins and set up as much delegates they can competing with other whales, well this is just my idea :)



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